Case Studies


Scalable Data Sharing

Scalable data platform enabling secure data sharing to clients with near real-time availability, foundations for data modelling, reporting, and additional business functions.

Heroku to AWS migration

Improving security while building internal capability on the AWS Cloud.

Robust & Reliable Data Automation

Applying software engineering rigour to achieve excellence in data automation.

Cloud Product Design & Development

Successful digitalisation of Quickmail’s operations through cloud-native Product Design and Development services.

Event Driven Cloud Native Product

Australia's offshore energy regulator sheds risk and tech debt by adopting a cloud based event-driven architecture.

Product Roadmap

Laying a roadmap to commercial success by understanding the problem and the customers via UX&D and product strategy.

Cloud Data Migration

An automated data pipeline allowing repeatable and secure data transfer across the globe.

Deployment Automation

Automated delivery pipelines for container based compute deployed on ocean going vessels.

Shift Left With Behaviour Driven Development

Reduce the cost of delivery 7x and improve feedback loops 2000x with BDD and TDD practises.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A microinvestments platform with a serverless CQRS back end and React Native front end.

Visualising Data

Using AWS QuickSight, Snowflake and dbt to visualise data for data-driven decision making..

Performance Test

A resuable performance testing solution for the launch of the new myRAC website.

QCollect Hardware Integration

A mobile platform which integrates a web app with a physical parcel locker via cloud services.

Cloud Native Platform

A cloud native platform which enables developers to deliver secure and compliant cloud services quickly and easily.

Kubernetes Based Backoffice App

The first production deployment of an AWS Managed Kubernetes (EKS) service in Australia.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A mobile platform enabling SME providers to connect with INX Enterprise platform users quickly and easily.

DevOps Adoption

Driving DevOps and Agile software delivery capability to capitalise on a migration to the cloud.

DevOps Capability

Immutable infrastructure, build pipelines and a move to rigorous development practices to enable speed and scale in the cloud.

Migration To Google Kubernetes Engine

Higher performance, zero down-time deployments, better observability and a 37% cost saving with Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

A Capability Report on Progressive Web Apps

Native device support, multi-platform, instant updates, offline support and frictionless deployment.

A Fully Automated Serverless Data Platform

A fully automated and self healing AWS and Snowflake platform for self service analytics.

A Simple and Scalable Data Warehouse and Pipeline

More efficient DataOps with dbt, Snowflake and AWS.

Web based mobility solution

A modern and responsive workforce app which harnesses the cloud to deliver a mobility solution at a fraction of the cost.

Rearchitected Cloud Application

Reliable and scalable architecture for a .net application which enabled features to be delivered 30 times faster.

Accelerating Cloud Capability

A secure platform for rapid innovation, delivery and collaboration in the cloud.

A Roadmap for Custom Software in the Cloud

Cloud foundations, coaching and a modernisation roadmap with a POC delivered in just 2 weeks.

From Cloud Naive to Cloud Native

A better path for organisations who develop or use custom software to reap higher value from cloud computing.

Cloud Native Factory

Accelerating developer productivity in the cloud to go from zero to a cloud native solution in days.

The Data Value Chain

Visualising how data flows through the organisation to drive buy-in and momentum.

Modern Data Strategy

Unlocking the flow of value in a resource company's data

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