Care Corner: Cross platform patient care to make your heart Flutter™

Revamp of original Care Corner app, focusing on AWS security, CI/CD pipelines, role-based access control, and cross-platform consistency such as Flutter.
Desktop and mobile application interfaces
Desktop and mobile application interfaces


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May 2024

The Client

Introducing Care Corner, a digital platform designed to streamline the care process for patients and loved ones. The platform offers a web-based React application and Flutter-based mobile apps for iOS and Android, backed by a set of APIs and services hosted on AWS.

At its core, Care Corner simplifies managing care by providing a central hub for caregivers to input observations and share updates securely. This empowers caregivers and guardians to actively manage patient care by reducing administrative tasks, allowing for more quality engagement with the patient or loved one.

Mechanical Rock conducted a Well-Architected Review “WAR” for Care Corner, with any high priority items rectified in preparation for onboarding Care Corner’s first customers.

The Challenge

The original Care Corner application lacked a clear focus on consistency, usability and quality across the wide range of functionality that was built. Recognising this, the Mechanical Rock team went back to basics and revisited the key application features in collaboration with the client. Through this process, we ensured that features were built as intended, adhering to quality and security standards.

  1. Security: Infrastructure improvements to align with AWS security best practice principles.
  2. CI/CD: Development of CI/CD Pipelines to deliver changes to production reliably at speed with a focus on scalability, performance and cost.
  3. User Access Control: Enhanced the existing security model by rearchitecting both the Authentication and Authorisation framework to provide Role Based Access Control.
  4. Cross Platform: Ensuring consistency and accuracy across multiple platforms for web and mobile including role based personalisations.

The Solution

Drawing on our deep DevOps expertise, Mechanical Rock focused on delivering a great customer outcome across both web and mobile applications using industry standard technologies:

Logos of the technologies used - Nest JS, Flutter, Next JS, Auth0, Terraform

Diagram of the AWS architecture for the Care Corner applicationAWS architecture for the Care Corner application.

The Benefits

Building Features Faster with Flutter

Utilising Flutter allowed developers to focus on building user features as opposed to dealing with the intricacies of specific mobile platforms.

CI/CD Practices

Focused on implementing CI/CD practices, empowering future teams to establish an automated deployment process, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency and dependability.


Utilisation of Auth0 to offload authentication to a purpose built system.

Client Collaboration

Feature elaboration sessions with the client/SME ensured focus of MVP features to the required quality and usability standards.


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