TSH: Product Roadmap for digital innovation

How Telethon Speech and Hearing are utilising theproduct discovery to provide families with innovative digital solutions.


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May 2024

The Client

Since 1967, TSH has been a key support for children in Western Australia with hearing loss and speech and language delays. They are a top provider of educational, diagnostic, therapeutic, and support services. As a registered NDIS provider and independent school, TSH focuses on early intervention and school support to help kids succeed in school and life.

TSH's mission is to unlock the full potential of children despite their hearing loss or speech and language disorders. They offer inclusive and comprehensive support, empowering families and fostering transformative outcomes for children and their communities.

The Challenge

TSH faces a high demand for their speech and hearing services. To address this, the organisation partnered with Mechanical Rock to undertake a discovery initiative validating the problem space and exploring potential digital solutions.

The main objective is to empower and support parents as they assist their children. Through innovative digital solutions, TSH and Mechanical Rock aim to build a strong, supportive community for parents, helping them feel confident and equipped to navigate challenges.

The Approach

The discovery phase is crucial in a client engagement because it ensures that the potential development of a future product addresses user problems, aligns with business goals, and minimises risks by validating ideas early on. Mechanical Rock's human centred design approach, applied in partnership with TSH, included:

Competitor analysis

Researched existing solutions aligned with the clients business goals to identify opportunities, trends and customer experience benchmarks within the market space.

Interviews with experts

Conducted interviews with therapists and clinicians to identify user needs, goals, and pain points to provide further context on the problem statement. Develop service blueprints for the main services provided by Telethon Speech & Hearing to understand the problem statement in conjunction with their end to end processes.

Service blueprint design for Telethon Speech and Hearings servicesService blueprint design for Telethon Speech and Hearings services

User journey mapping

Visualised the current steps for the user to achieve a specific goal, mapping the pain points experienced along the way to align the team’s understanding of the problem space and opportunities to alleviate them.

User Journey Map

Ideation & co-design sessions

Conducted collaborative brainstorming exercises with key stakeholders for potential features based on identified opportunities, and cultivate a collective understanding of the product vision and deliverables.

Post it notes grouped togetherIdeation exercises based on design thinking mental models.

Assessed technical skillset & feasibility

Conducted interviews with IT staff and reviewed the technology stack to identify the capabilities within the technical team and ensure project deliverables are technically feasible.

The Benefits

Validated the problem statement

Competitor analysis and user interviews conducted during the discovery project, provide assurance that the problem is worth solving for the client and their customers.

Shared understanding of all opportunities/problems

By undertaking a design thinking approach to the problem space, the project team generated a shared understanding of all problems encountered within the current process and explore opportunities to achieve the goals of the business.

Identified potential technical risks

Investigation into the current technical landscape allowed Mechanical Rock to outline possible risk and challenges with meeting the product vision and business goals.

Product road map

The outcomes from the human centred design approach undertaken during the engagement culminated in Mechanical Rock providing an iterative product development plan to achieve the product vision and business goals of TSH.


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