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Behaviour Driven Development

BDD delivers an executable specification, a working feature and an accompanying automated test in a single process.

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Enterprise DevOps & Continuous Delivery

A blend of process, automation and culture to build high performing teams that deliver software up to 200 times faster than their peers.

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Cloud Native Application Development

We live and breathe modern single page web apps (React.js / Vue.js), api’s, microservices and serverless applications using the latest cost effective technology.

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Cloud Architecture & Strategy

Infrastructure is a means to an end, value comes from updating and improving your cloud applications; build a fast, scalable and reliable cloud pipeline.

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Public BDD Kickstart, Cliftons Perth
24-25th May 2018

Join us for a two day BDD course this May, Learn More.

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Mon Jan 08 2018 High Code Coverage is not Wasted Effort

Recently, someone asked me what I think about code coverage metrics. They said aiming for 100% code coverage could be considered a waste of effort - since you get diminishing returns.

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