What we do

Behaviour Driven Development

BDD delivers an executable specification, a working feature and an accompanying automated test in a single process.

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Enterprise DevOps & Continuous Delivery

A blend of process, automation and culture to build high performing teams that deliver software up to 200 times faster than their peers.

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Cloud Native Application Development

We live and breathe single page web apps (React.js / Vue.js), api’s, microservices and serverless applications using the latest cost effective technology.

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Cloud Architecture & Strategy

Infrastructure is a means to an end, value comes from updating and improving your cloud applications; build a fast, scalable and reliable cloud pipeline.

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Training we offer

Contact us today to schedule training for you or your team contact@mechanicalrock.io

BDD Kickstart

Learn BDD with the experts on our two day BDD Kickstart course in conjunction with the Cucumber team.

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DevOps Kickstart

Learn the fundamentals of DevOps from our team of experts; from the fundamentals of CI/CD, immutable infrastructure and containers.

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A trusted partner to the best

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

Mon Aug 20 2018 Bashing through Minikube - 0 to 60 for Local Kubernetes Development

Minikube You Say? When you begin on a Kubernetes journey, often one of the first questions is; “how do I run locally”? That’s where Minikube comes in; you get an easy to spin up single node Kubernetes environment where you can rapidly iterate. As with nearly all tools, there’s some rough edges and gotchas to figure out. So in the next 5 minutes I hope to save you hours of frustration.

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Fri Aug 10 2018 Better Bash Scripting in 5 Minutes or Less

Shebang #!/bin/bash You’ll often see #!/bin/bash at the top of script files. What this is doing is forcing the script to be invoked using the /bin/bash binary. This stops the script being at the mercy of the invoking shell.

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We work with some of the finest companies in Australia and the APAC region