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Behaviour Driven Development

BDD delivers an executable specification, a working feature and an accompanying automated test in a single process.

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Enterprise DevOps & Continuous Delivery

A blend of process, automation and culture to build high performing teams that deliver software up to 200 times faster than their peers.

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Cloud Native Application Development

We live and breathe modern single page web apps (React.js / Vue.js), api’s, microservices and serverless applications using the latest cost effective technology.

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Cloud Architecture & Strategy

Infrastructure is a means to an end, value comes from updating and improving your cloud applications; build a fast, scalable and reliable cloud pipeline.

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Sun Oct 15 2017 The New Donut

Donut was an idea born at MagenTys with the intention of making test results from Cucumber more visual and accessible to software development teams. Since its initial commit over a year or so ago it has grown to a rich report which now supports unit, integration and acceptance tests. It also has a number of adaptors and related projects which make it easier to integrate with various test runners and CI tools.

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Mon Sep 11 2017 Repeatable Serverless Applications

Building and testing serverless applications locally can be challenging. It’s a relatively new landscape and there aren’t many established practices, regarding good serverless application design. At a recent Mechanical Rock mob programming session we decided to tackle the topic of, “How can we turn off any superfluous and idle ec2 instances” that we may have forgotten to stop/terminate – because servers are expensive right? We decided to call the new project, Instance Reaper.

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Fri Sep 01 2017 The Scourge of Silos

This is one of those articles that may stir up a bit of angst with people, because essentially it is an opinion piece. Not driven by data, merely driven by what I think works best. It was provoked by a brief conversation on social media and got me thinking about why I think the way I do. The conversation was based on the following post by Josh Partogi, which was on the money:

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