Product Development

Every customer is unique. Every problem is unique. But solutions have patterns, and those patterns, when rigorously applied, deliver outstanding results.

Product Development

At Mechanical Rock we have a unified product development process that delivers world-class results for our clients. Using techniques like Impact Mapping, Service Design and Journey Mapping we can understand your unique business problems and map out an optimal solution.

Then with techniques like Agile, Behaviour Driven Development and Continuous Delivery we can quickly deploy working software to your end users. And with our deep experience of DevOps and Cloud technology the solutions we build are cost-effective, secure, efficient and scalable.

Solve your problem the right way, first time.

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Product Discovery

Any custom software development project is an investment and often a big one. But despite coming to life at considerable expense - intellectual, financial and emotional far too many software products ultimately fall short of expectations.

Product Delivery

Regardless of what they might have in common, there's one thing they almost always lack: rigorous, meaningful and - above all - dispassionate validation. Our software product experts can help you evaluate your idea and explore the opportunity it represents, and they will work with you to design the right experiments to help you get to a place where you can invest in taking the next step with confidence.

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A new private equity platform built on a distributed ledger

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Mechanical Rock helped to deliver the first iteration of a new centralised platform for private Australian businesses to raise capital, manage their cap table, and give investors access to buy and sell shares. It brings together a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) based registry, a capital raising capability, and a vision to provide a fully-licensed liquidity venue with real-time settlement.

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TSH: Product Roadmap for digital innovation

How Telethon Speech and Hearing are utilising theproduct discovery to provide families with innovative digital solutions.

Care Corner: Cross platform patient care to make your heart Flutter™

Revamp of original Care Corner app, focusing on AWS security, CI/CD pipelines, role-based access control, and cross-platform consistency such as Flutter.

WWEEVV: Scaling for impact in the social media realm

Delivering infrastructure expertise for security, scalability, performance and data management for rapid growth.

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