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When: Thu, 25 July 2024, 8:30 am - Fri, 26 July 2024, 4:30 pm

Where: 200 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA

Behaviour Driven Development is a collaborative process that delivers working software, an automated test and an executable specification in a single disciplined process. Mechanical Rock are Australia's only Cucumber™ partner licensed to deliver their BDD course.

This two day course, focuses on the following learning outcomes:

  • The fundamental principles and practices of BDD
  • The importance of Rules and Examples
  • Conversation patterns for discovering edge cases
  • The importance of a ubiquitous language for problems and solutions
  • Using Example Mapping and Discovery Workshops to achieve shared understanding
  • Roles and responsibilities on a BDD team
  • The TDD / BDD cycle
  • The costs & benefits of working test-first

You can read more about BDD here.

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DevOps blends process, technology and culture to build high performing teams that deliver software up to 440 times faster. In just 2 days, we can kick start your DevOps journey.

This two day course, focuses on the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the goals and rewards of DevOps
  • Be able to champion DevOps in your organisation
  • Understand the underpinnings of a DevOps culture including automation, CI/CD, seamless monitoring and shared responsibility
  • Get to know the breadth of tools available and their uses
  • Understand value, waste and value streams in development
  • Introduction to Behaviour Driven Infrastructure (BDI) principles and Infrastructure-as-code
  • Be able to identify the benefits of short cycle times, standardised automated processes and infrastructure as code
  • Be able to assess different tools and practices and identify when and where to deploy them within your organisation
  • Understand modern 1-click blue/green deployment methods
  • Understand monitoring and feedback loops in a DevOps environment


The Measure What Matters Kickstart brings together assessment, training and facilitated collaboration to boost your software delivery and operations teams toward elite performance by focusing them on the metrics that really matter.


Serverless offers highly reliable, highly scalable applications with a much lower TCO. In this course we teach you the fundamentals to starting building serverless applications the right way.


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