Our Story

Our Story

Tired of traditional approaches to consulting & delivery, Mechanical Rock opened in Perth in 2014 and quickly established a solid client base which includes Bankwest, BHP, AFG, Virtual Gaming Worlds and Woodside.

We're here to solve the problems that most teams lose sleep over. A collective of elite developers, designers, and tech trailblazers united by a shared mission: To continuously reimagine what's possible at the horizon of an ever changing tech landscape.

We're explorers, early adopters, innovators, and craftspeople dedicated to perfecting every stage of the software development process. Our team lives and breathes the DevOps philosophy. When it comes to code, design, data, and user testing; every move we make is with intention.

Our clients engage us to achieve high priority outcomes at speed, which we do. But more than that, we deliver in a way that gives our clients the confidence to innovate and try new things. By contributing software of substance to leading enterprises, we help our clients stay ahead of the competition. Allowing them to operate confidently, even in the presence of doubt, while always moving forward, reassured by the technical expertise and cultural presence of our team.

We invest heavily in our people and our trusted partnerships which is why we only work with the best. We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Platform Partners and have a number of other key partnerships; including Snowflake and are Australia's only Cucumber partner.

Every year we organise the Latency Conference, Perth's only conference dedicated to building secure, high performing cloud native products.

Our Approach

DevOps is not what we do. It is HOW we do it.

We make software development fast, repeatable and efficient by removing the constraints on your solution delivery through continuous delivery and infrastructure-as-code.

We're disruptive in our approach: combining DevOps with human centered design and UX cutting edge practices offers a deeper understanding of business challenges along with customer and key stakeholder needs. This allows us to accelerate value for our customers.

Our DevOps philosophy delivers better software, faster through:

  • Everything-as-Code under configuration management, including immutable infrastructure validated via Behaviour Driven Infrastructure (BDI)

  • Test First Development, exemplified by Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)

  • Continuous Build via deployment pipelines, including automated testing at the unit and scenario level.

  • Continuous Operations including monitoring and alerting, auto remediation and optimisation

  • Transparency of information, and active collaboration across teams, throughout the process