App Modernisation

A successful App Modernisation strategy starts with business and user needs.

App Modernisation

Moving your workloads to the cloud only unlocks so much value.

If you want to move faster and run cheaper, you need to optimise your applications to run in the cloud. Using container based workloads makes your software portable and scalable. Using containers you can take advantage of managed container services (like Kubernetes) to easily run your app in the cloud and at scale. But getting your workload to run reliably and to deploy cleanly, is no simple proposition.

Mechanical Rock has deep experience in building and deploying container based workloads across multiple environments.
And when you couple container orchestration services with other managed services (like databases) you can free yourself from the constraints that hold you back from delivering value to your customers.

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Featured Case Studies


Care Corner: Cross platform patient care to make your heart Flutter™

Revamp of original Care Corner app, focusing on AWS security, CI/CD pipelines, role-based access control, and cross-platform consistency such as Flutter.

GroupMap: Heroku to AWS migration

Improving security while building internal capability on the AWS Cloud.

Woodside: Cloud native factory

Accelerating developer productivity in the cloud to go from zero to a cloud native solution in days.

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