WWEEVV: Scaling for impact in the social media realm

Delivering infrastructure expertise for security, scalability, performance and data management for rapid growth.
Three mobile phone showing off the WWEEVV app. Image courtesy of WWEEVV.
Three mobile phone showing off the WWEEVV app. Image courtesy of WWEEVV.


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Apr 2024



The Client

WWEEVV is an innovative and new social media platform revolutionising video discovery by offering a highly personalised experience, bringing together video content from various popular social channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok into a single user-friendly app. With WWEEVV, users can discover and enjoy diverse video content effortlessly without the need of switching between multiple apps.

In anticipation of their exciting launch in Australia and the expected increase in user activity, Mechanical Rock has been enlisted to provide our expertise in the scalability and data management of WWEEVV's infrastructure as they continue with their expansion in the social media realm.

The Challenge

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, WWEEVV recognised the need to enhance its infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its user base and target customer segment. To achieve this, Mechanical Rock’s focus was the following:


Enhanced the existing security model by conducting a thorough assessment and implementing key improvements.


Increase platform scalability to accommodate a growing user base without compromising performance.


Improve the overall experience by optimising platform responsiveness and reducing downtime.

The Solution

Drawing on our deep DevOps expertise, Mechanical Rock focussed on giving WWEEVV the confidence to deliver change in the future. We used industry standard practices and tools:

  • Infrastructure as Code provided by Terraform
  • Application packaging using Docker images
  • Hosting on AWS
    • Elastic Container Service (ECS)
    • AWS Aurora MySQL for the database
    • Scaling using Application Load Balancers (ALB)
    • Cloudfront for CDN and caching
    • Web Application Firewall for security
    • Integrate AWS Secrets Manager
  • Deployment pIpeline functionality provided by Github Actions (Workflow). Build and deploy Application to AWS
  • Recommend good development workflow practices and behaviours to align with the pipeline deployment method methodology.
  • K6 used to conduct performance testing to verify the application and infrastructure scalability mechanism meets requirements.

The AWS solution architecture for WWEEVV app.The solution architecture for WWEEVV to deliver security, scalability and performance.

The Benefits

Scalable and Secure Backend Infrastructure

Deployment of a new backend infrastructure that is easily repeatable, scalable, and highly secure while minimising risks.

CI/CD Practices

Implementation of CI/CD practices empowering future teams to establish an automated deployment process, leading to improved efficiency and dependability.

Scalable and High Performing Database

Assuring WWEEVV that their RDS database is capable of scaling to support the anticipated 100k users at launch. Performance testing has demonstrated that the app can efficiently handle an average of up to 4 million users.

Best Code Practises for Fast Growth

Provided additional education regarding security and best code practises to assist their growing future development teams.


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