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TSH: Product Roadmap for digital innovation

How Telethon Speech and Hearing are utilising theproduct discovery to provide families with innovative digital solutions.

Care Corner: Cross platform patient care to make your heart Flutter™

Revamp of original Care Corner app, focusing on AWS security, CI/CD pipelines, role-based access control, and cross-platform consistency such as Flutter.

WWEEVV: Scaling for impact in the social media realm

Delivering infrastructure expertise for security, scalability, performance and data management for rapid growth.

Gold Fields: A geospatial market intelligence platform

Centralising ‘real-time’ data and insights that facilitates faster decision-making.

Data mesh products – security and automation

Creating a series of new automation data products and capabilities to form the foundation of the General Data Mesh and implementing SCIM integration with Azure AD.

FCX: From concept to FinTech product launch in just six months

Australia’s first platform for investors, unlisted companies and unlisted funds, bringing together a blockchain-enabled registry, a capital raising capability and an investor portal.

Woodside: Mobility solution for maintenance teams

A suite of modern, responsive and ‘smart’ workforce applications, which harness cloud native technology, cutting edge web and serverless solutions - at a fraction of the cost.

Woodside: Cloud native factory

Accelerating developer productivity in the cloud to go from zero to a cloud native solution in days.

From Naive To Native

Migrating traditional server-based applications to the cloud and actually reaping the benefits.

NOPSEMA: Event driven cloud native product

Australia’s offshore energy regulator sheds risk and technical debt by adopting a cloud-based event-driven architecture.

Research Screener: Product roadmap

Laying a roadmap to commercial success by understanding the problem and the customers via UX&D and product strategy.

Application modernisation

Seamless migration from on-prem to the cloud. Migrated an existing application to a modernised AWS architecture using the 'strangler pattern’ for security, flexibility, scale, and reduced costs.

Quickmail: Cloud product design & development

Successful digitalisation of Quickmail’s operations through cloud-native Product Design and Development services.

A Capability Report on Progressive Web Apps

Native device support, multi-platform, instant updates, offline support and frictionless deployment.

Qoria: Migration to Google Kubernetes Engine

Higher performance, zero down-time deployments, better observability and a 37% cost saving with Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Bamboo: Cloud native mobile app

A microinvestments platform with a serverless CQRS back end and React Native front end.

QCollect: Hardware integration

A mobile platform which integrates a web app with a physical parcel locker via cloud services.

VGW: Kubernetes based back office app

The first production deployment of an AWS Managed Kubernetes (EKS) service in Australia.

INX: Cloud native mobile app

A mobile platform enabling SME providers to connect with INX Enterprise platform users quickly and easily.