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VGW: A data mesh platform

Building a data mesh platform with automated domain vending for a hyper scale gaming customer.

Gold Fields: A geospatial market intelligence platform

Centralising ‘real-time’ data and insights that facilitates faster decision-making.

Data mesh products – security and automation

Creating a series of new automation data products and capabilities to form the foundation of the General Data Mesh and implementing SCIM integration with Azure AD.

RWWA: The data value chain

Mechanical Rock's kickstart workshops show how a shared understanding of the current and future state data landscape, provides a solid foundation for RWWA's data strategy.

INX: Scalable data sharing

Scalable data platform enabling secure data sharing to clients with near real-time availability, foundations for data modelling, reporting, and additional business functions.

Modern data strategy

Recommending a complete data strategy to enable agility and to unlock the flow of value for an organisation.

VGW: Engineering robust & reliable data automation

Applying software engineering rigour to achieve excellence in data automation.

Bamboo: Visualising data

Using AWS QuickSight, Snowflake and dbt to visualise data for data-driven decision making.

Bamboo: A simple & scalable data warehouse and pipeline

More efficient DataOps with dbt, Snowflake and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AFG: A fully automated serverless data platform

A fully automated and self healing AWS and Snowflake platform for self service analytics.