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Cloud computing has unlocked new opportunities for organisations to leverage technology.As AWS Advanced Partners, our goal is to help organisations move faster and innovate in new products or markets.

Why Mechanical Rock and AWS?

At Mechanical Rock we invest heavily in our trusted partnerships which is reflected in the programs we are involved in and the achievements our staff have gained.

We hold the DevOps and Mobile competencies and are qualified to conduct Well Architected Reviews and Immersion Days. We can also work with your organisation to hold an AWS Game Day which is an interactive team-based learning exercise designed to give players a chance to put their AWS skills to the test in a real-world, gamified, risk-free environment.

Over 80% of our workforce hold at least one certification and continue to push themselves to expand their knowledge and achieve more. With over 50 certifications, we hold all available Foundation, Associate and Professional level certifications along with Specialty certifications in Advanced Networking, Machine Learning and Security.

Mechanical Rock is also proud to have within its ranks multiple AWS Ambassadors and the only AWS IoT Hero in Australia.

The Ambassador Program is a community of technical experts in the AWS Partner Network that are passionate about sharing their AWS technical expertise.

The Hero Program recognises a vibrant, worldwide group of AWS experts whose enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing has a real impact within the community. Heroes go above and beyond to share knowledge via social media, blog posts, open source projects, events, and user groups.

Mechanical Rock is AWS Certified

Featured Case Studies


Heroku to AWS migration

Improving security while building internal capability on the AWS Cloud.

Cloud Product Design & Development

Successful digitalisation of Quickmail’s operations through cloud-native Product Design and Development services.

Event Driven Cloud Native Product

Australia's offshore energy regulator sheds risk and tech debt by adopting a cloud based event-driven architecture.

Cloud Data Migration

An automated data pipeline allowing repeatable and secure data transfer across the globe.

Deployment Automation

Automated delivery pipelines for container based compute deployed on ocean going vessels.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A microinvestments platform with a serverless CQRS back end and React Native front end.


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