What began as some casual chats and fun storytelling about all things serverless, data and cloud native... soon unravelled some fascinating insights, great stories, inspiring journeys, practical advice and pearls of wisdom.

Welcome to our series of podcasts about building better software, faster.

#1 Hamish T: Building a Cloud Native Consultancy

CEO and Founder of the Perth based cloud native consultancy talks about his decades of experience working with clients, how the market has changed, and the challenges of building and maintaining a strong company culture.

Oct 202246 min 51 sec

#2 Matthew C: Data Pipelines and Infrastructure

Up and coming data engineer and wannabe pro table tennis player Matthew Carter joins us on the Mechanical Rock podcast.

Oct 20221 hr 1 min

#3 Tim M: Aspiring Woodworker to CTO

Aspiring woodworker Tim talks on his troubles and tribulations on in journey to becoming СТО of Mechanical Rock.

Dec 20221 hr 3 min

#4 Andres W: From Game Design to Data Consultant

In this episode of our podcast, we speak with Andres Walsh, the newest principal engineer at Mechanical Rock. Andres is a seasoned game designer with a passion for creating engaging and immersive digital experiences.

Jan 202356 min 11 sec

#5 Zainab M: Bringing Software Engineering Rigour to Data

As principal technical lead at Mechanical Rock, Australia's leading cloud native consultancy, Zainab works with progressive tools and practices such as serverless technologies, infrastructure-as-code and cloud solutions.

Feb 202343 min 83 sec

#6 Sarah Wright: Developing and managing strategic partnerships

Today on the podcast, we have Sarah Wright, Partner Exec at the AMAZING Mechanical Rock, who has an extensive background in IT project delivery, support, and governance. Sarah believes that every project is unique, and she has taken what she has learned to work closely with partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake to ensure they are working seamlessly together.

Apr 202342 min 18 sec