Google Cloud Platform

Cloud computing has led to a fundamental shift in how organisations can leverage technology. Our goal is to help organisations achieve the benefits of cloud computing by helping them move faster and unlock new markets.

Why GCP?

Google’s cloud platform is a secure, global, high performance and cost effective platform. It offers scalable and resilient services including some unique offerings around big data, IoT and Machine Learning. GCP’s managed Kubernetes system is acknowledged to be a world leader and offers containerised application management at scale.

Google Cloud

Big Query

App Engine

App Engine

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions

Case Studies

Migration To Google Kubernetes Engine

Higher performance, zero down-time deployments, better observability and a 37% cost saving with Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

A Capability Report on Progressive Web Apps

Native device support, multi-platform, instant updates, offline support and frictionless deployment.

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