Cloud Native Solutions

Value cannot be delivered quick enough through traditional approaches. Organisations need to rethink how they operate and deliver value to their customers as cloud computing continues to innovate and enable newcomers to disrupt business-as-usual. Traditional solution approaches simply cannot deliver value fast enough. This is where a new approach, called Cloud Native, comes in. By its very nature a Cloud Native approach focuses on value making and delivery activities.

Cloud Native is rethinking how the customer value is delivered. Placing customers needs first delivers better customer experiences and interactions. Value is delivered faster when development teams are left to focus on customer needs, enabled by extensive automation and managed services, and unencumbered by "undifferentiated heavy lifting" such as server patching and reactively responding to incidents.

Cloud Native also uses the latest technologies approaches such as Serverless, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and highly sophisticated, infrastructure-as-code, automation. The delivery of Cloud Native Solutions are augmented by modern software approaches such as BDD, TDD and Continuous Deployments to always build the right thing in the right way.

Case Studies

Cloud Native Mobile App

A microinvestments platform with a serverless CQRS back end and React Native front end.

QCollect Hardware Integration

A mobile platform which integrates a web app with a physical parcel locker via cloud services.

Kubernetes Backoffice

The first production deployment of an AWS managed Kubernetes (EKS) service in Australia.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A mobile platform allowing SME providers to connect with INX Enterprise platform users quickly and easily.

A Capability Report on Progressive Web Apps

Native device support, multi-platform, instant updates, offline support and frictionless deployment

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