Automated Data Platforms

Making the right decisions when it matters, drives your business forward.

A well engineered data platform helps you deliver business insights quickly and action them easily. By conducting rapid experiments with data analytics you can answer the questions troubling your business now, and unlock value faster.

Using managed services and infrastructure-as-code to deliver automated data pipelines allows you to rapidly reconfigure your data platform and to build fast feedback loops.

We can also help you deploy cloud-based machine learning and AI platforms to leverage on-demand power at a fraction of the cost of implementing it yourself.

Find the insight your business needs faster.

Key Features / Benefits

Business Insights

Deliver business insights quickly


Conduct rapid experiments with machine analytics

Feedback Loop

Build rapid feedback loops


Lower the cost to iterate and experiment

Case Studies

Cloud Data Migration

An automated data pipeline allowing repeatable and secure data transfer across the globe.

Deployment Automation

Automated delivery pipelines for container based compute deployed on ocean going vessels.

A Fully Automated Serverless Data Platform

A fully automated and self healing AWS and Snowflake platform for self service analytics.

A Simple and Scalable Data Warehouse and Pipeline

More efficient DataOps with dbt, Snowflake and AWS.

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