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Mechanical Rock Malaysia

Founded on our success delivering cloud native solutions and application modernisation in Australia, Mechanical Rock is now providing their expertise to the Malaysian market.

With a local base in KL and a growing AWS and GCP portfolio across a diverse set of industries, Mechanical Rock is ready to help Malaysian companies leverage our experience to go to the cloud.

Our Expertise

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Cloud Native Solutions

Beautiful, modern, world-class solutions that enable organisations to focus on increasing growth, lowering costs, driving innovation and delivering value for their customers.

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Enterprise DevOps and Transformation

DevOps is at the heart of everything we do and it is the foundation which enables our clients to win. By blending process, technology and culture we help our clients to deliver software up to 200 times faster than their peers.

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About Us

To learn more about our services, please download and share the following Service Offering Brochure.

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If you are ready to multiply your DevOps performance, embrace the reliability of infrastructure-as-code or satisfy your product’s growth needs, then please get in touch with us using the following contact form.