Fast feedback in development is an important consideration when deploying software often as it helps reduce context switching...
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Mechanical Rock supports the Perth software development community through our sponsorship of the following events:

  • Latency - a conference devoted to building secure, high performing applications in the cloud - November every year.
  • Perth Web Girls - a meetup to help women to learn coding and to increase diversity in the tech community.
  • Junior Developers Perth - a meetup and mentor program for emerging developers in Perth.
  • YOW! Perth - for software developers to stay up-to-date with the latest ideas and to network with their peers - September every year.


Mechanical Rock offers specialised training in the areas of software development, DevOps and cloud native architecture:
  • BDD Kickstart - We are Australia’s only cucumber™ partner licensed to deliver their BDD course. Behaviour Driven Development is a collaborative process that delivers working software, an automated test and an executable specification in a single disciplined process.
  • DevOps Kickstart - DevOps blends process, technology and culture to build high performing teams that deliver software up to 440 times faster. In just 3 days, we can kick start your DevOps journey.
  • Serverless Kickstart - Serverless offers highly reliable, highly scalable applications with a much lower TCO. In this course we teach you the fundamentals to starting building serverless applications the right way.

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